For Clinical or Research Use


All test kit components, as well as the slides with custom substrates, may be ordered separately. Our slides contain cryostat-cut sections of up to six different tissues or cell mono-layers in individual wells surrounded by a highly hydrophobic mask. 

For in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use

MeDiCa specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of complete test kits and their individual components for in vitro diagnostics using indirect immunofluorescence (IIF). The specific autoantibodies detected in human sera are:

  • anti-nuclear (ANA)
  • anti-native DNA (A-nDNA-A)
  • anti-mitochondrial (AMA)
  • anti-smooth muscle (ASMA)
  • anti-parietal cell (APCA)
  • anti-skin (ASA)
  • anti-endomysial (AEmA)
  • anti-thyroid (ATA)

For research use only (RUO):

MeDiCa also produces many slides, and a few kits and components, for research use. Some of possible antibodies that can be detected are:

  • anti-skeletal muscle (ASkMA)
  • anti cardiac (ACA)
  • anti-glomerular basement membrane (AGBMA)
  • anti-pancreatic islet cell (APICA)
  • anti-adrenal gland (AAdA)
  • anti-brain (Various)

We can make custom slides to save you time and money. We will work with you on the design and specifications until we meet your research needs.